This Man Has The Longest Belly Button In The World

Swirly Dude with his belly button
Source: YouTube/Swirly Dude

This is one of those train wreck situations that you really, really dont want to look at. Let’s be real, though. You’re going to. And you’ll probably show your best friend too.
A Californian businessman named Mark, AKA Swirly Dude on Youtube, has a very special feature that he’s shared with the world. It’s his belly button.

This 26-year-old’s excess umblical cord is making him famous. His belly button sticks out an entire inch away from his body.

How popular could a long belly button be? Well, Swirly Dude has actually been offered $1000 for an hour of footage. It’s what they wanted him to do in the video that made him decline the offer. Use your imagination.

Another individual fantasized about being shrunken into a mini-person so that he could live tucked away in Mark’s belly button forever. Okay.

Now, why exactly is his belly button so lengthy? Apparently, many people have wrongly assumed that mark has some sort of hernia. This is in fact not the case. After having the belly button examined by doctors, Mark found the real cause. It’s literally just left over fetal umbilical cord that the doctors left behind.

Mark’s belly button has actually been a relatively large source of insecurity past. Though, he seems to have come to take pride in it now. As you could imagine the belly button protrudes through shirts. This was a source of fodder when he was young for other kids to pick on him with.

It may come as a surprise for you to learn that mark has amassed a decently sized following online. His channel has netted him several hundred thousand video views, and near 1000 subscribers.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Mark, you can check out his Youtube channel here.