Homer Simpson, Spongebob, Patrick & More Rendered As Real People Will Haunt Your Dreams Forever

Anyone over the age of 18 knows exactly what Homer Simpson from the popular television show looks like. But, have you ever thought about how he might appear in real life?

Miguel Velasquez is an artist from Canada specializing in 3D renderings. He’s turned his focus to rendering popular cartoon characters. The results have been… well — unnerving, to say the least.

First up we have a lovely version of Spongebob Squarepants that looks like he’s ready to harvest your organs:



Mike Wazowski is a fun character from the classic movie Monsters, Inc. Just say that name! Mike Wazowski, Mike Wazowski, MIKE WAZOWSKI. Fun right? Well, we would want to know him in real life:


Edd and Eddy:



Homer Simpson looking like someone you wouldn’t want your kids anywhere near:



Miguel, if you hadn’t realized by now, likes to put a creepy, scary twist on all of his creations to make them look like something out of the scariest horror movie. He said “when people say my 3D artwork is ugly, creepy, and disgusting, but that was the plan along”.

My personal least favorite is this rendition of a real life Patrick. You definitely do not want this Patrick as your cell mate if you ever end up in prison.


We’ll be trying to forget this exists too.