Man Falsely Imprisoned For Over 30 Years Acquitted, Receives $1 Million In Reparation

Lawrence Mickinney looking emotionally at the camera
Source: The Tennessean

In the late 70’s, Lawrence McKinney was accused and convicted of a pair of terrible crimes. Throughout the entire trial he maintained that he was innocent.

Unfortunately, he was convicted of these crimes. 31 years later his name has finally been cleared.

Investigators took a look back into the case and tested a set of bed sheets for McKinney’s DNA. The test results found that none of the DNA profiles on the sheets matched to McKinney. In light of these findings McKinney was released and given a tiny lump sum of $75 for losing 31 years of his life.

Lawrence Mckinney arbitrates with his lawyers

Feeling that this was not a sum of money that was equivalent to his hardship, Lawrence decided that he must begin a legal battle with the Tennessee government for reparations.
You see, Lawrence did not actually receive an official formal exoneration from the government during his initial release. The Tennessee Board of parole had difficulty believing that the DNA evidence prove McKinney’s innocence.

Eventually the governor of Tennessee did formerly exonerate McKinney in 2016.

Larence Mckinney holds document showing tennessee executive chamber document

Towards the end of March the Tennessee Board of claims came together and made a decision regarding McKinney’s reparation. The panel of people decided that it would only be right to award him as much money as they could. This turned out to be $1000000.
He will receive his restitution in a payment plan of sorts. $3,300 per month for more than 10 years. He was also awarded a one-time some $353,000 so that he can pay back his legal fees.

McKinney’s lawyer has gone on statement multiple times saying that his client was mostly interested in clearing his name rather than the monetary aspect.
Since being released Lawrence has been able to form a nice life for himself. He’s now married and spends a lot of his time at the local church.