This English Teacher Fixed Grammar In A Letter From Trump And Then Returned It To Him

Nobody really likes that person that always has to correct people’s spelling and grammar. Actually, in this case, a lot of people love them.

A retired English teacher living in the United States had her chance to take a crack at the president.

Yvonne Mason received a letter from the White House that was riddled with grammatical issues. She knew this opportunity was too good to pass up. So, she broke out her old grading pen.

Photo of a letter that was edited by an english teacher after receiving it from donald trump, and returning to the white house
Image by Yvonne Mason
/ Facebook

After correct all of the issues in the paper, she photographed her work and posted it to Facebook.

Many have pointed out that the paper was probably not actually written by Donald Trump himself. Rather, at best, it was probably dictated and penned by a staff member.

Either way, the letter bears Donald Trump’s signature. Those that dislike the president should overlook this and take the win.