This Guy Became The Envy Of His Neighborhood After Digging A Hole In His Yard

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    Even though he is clearly a skilled DIY-er, he needed to call in the heavy artillery for some backup. After all, we don't all have a crane lying around. So, he called in a septic tank company to do some heavy lifting. 

    Now that the container has been dropped into the hole, we really see this plan start to come together.

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    With the container perfectly nestled into it's new home, things are really starting to take shape. The early planning paid off and everything fit exactly as expected. 

    The space he left around the container is perfect for what he has planned.

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    Sump pumps are added to below-the-ground structures like basements as a safety mechanism in case of a flood or pipe break. The pump will catch and collect any water that accumulates around the container and prevent it from entering or filling it up.

    This structure is far too valuable to lose to an accident.

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    The next step, was, well -- adding steps. Otherwise he'd have to jump into the hole like a barbarian. So, he mixed up some concrete and got to work. 

    The exterior is almost finished and what comes next will leave you in a state of envy!

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    Shipping containers are fairly sturdy, but our designer wanted to make sure that this project would stand the test of time. The Earth is always shifting and moving, so to prevent a catastrophe, he added support beams. 

    These support beams didn't only serve one purpose, though...