Video Shows Why You Shouldn’t Try To Climb An Elephant’s Trunk

Watch as a young Indian man is sent flying through the air like a play toy after trying to climb an elephant.

The man was reportedly attempting to recreate a scene from a movie called Baahubali. In the film, the main character runs directly up an elephant’s trunk on to the back of the elephant.

The video was reportedly streamed live on Facebook by his friend holding the camera.
Prior to the incident, the individual had been attempting to coax the elephant closer to him with some roughage.

elephant knocks man out for trying to climb his trunk

A Bad Idea

As soon as he attempted to complete the stunt, he realized he had made a very drastic mistake.

The elephant bucked aggressively in his direction with his trunk and tusks. This resulted in the man being flung several feet away. The man was left folded in half unconscious on the forest floor.

We can all use this as a very strong reminder that what we see in the movies does not really always play out in real life. If you mess with the bull, or in this case, an elephant, you might get the tusks.

Elephant throws man and knocks him unconscious for messing with him

It’s been reported that the men in the video were on vacation when they decided this undertaking was worth pursuing.

Apparently, the group spotted the huge elephant tethered before attempting to go through with the stunt.

They left the scene to find the nearest store that they could, where they purchased fruits and other goods to try to make friends with the elephant.

Initially the elephant responded very well to the men. This led them to believe that the elephant would not have any desire to hurt them and would go along with their stunt.
If you’ve watched the video you know that the elephant in fact was not okay with him trying to climb his trunk.

Experts say that the man was extremely lucky that the elephant did not continue to pursue hurting him. Moral of the story — never try to climb an elephant.