This Guy Became The Envy Of His Neighborhood After Digging A Hole In His Yard

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    At first sight, most would think it was completely obvious what the man was doing. He must be building a pool, of course! It's the right size and shape, and what else could he possibly be doing?

    Well, no. That's not what was going on here. Upon closer inspection you'd notice that he had filled the bottom of the gaping hole with course gravel.

    The next step in his insane project would require a 20-foot shipping container be dropped off in his yard.

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    Before he had even started his project, he went online and purchased a 20-foot shipping container.  Most people don't know that you can  buy one of these bad boys for relatively cheap online. 

    But,  why did he need this storage container?

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    The next steps were to make sure that this container was sealed up tightly and had points of entrance. 

    After sealing the container up tightly, he added two doors on both ends -- making sure they swing inwards. 

    This will all make sense when you see the final result!

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    Any good engineer will tell you that planning ahead of time to prevent mistakes is the most important part of any project.

    The man made absolutely sure to dig two feet deeper and wider than the size of the container. 

    This gave him extra room above the container for something very important!

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    Before he could put the container down he needed to make sure that it would stand the test of time. So, he laid down pea gravel to make sure that he had the perfect foundation. 

    After all, he would need to be able to filter through the soil below.