Music Festivals Warn Patrons Of New Ultra-Strong Ecstasy Pills

In the wake of two unfortunate drug-infused deaths at Mutiny Music Festival in England, event promoters have begun warning of a new ultra-potent pill.

Parklife Festival is an event which takes place in early summer. They’ve posted this morning, May 29th, 2018, a warning to be on the lookout for one specific type of pill.

festivals warn of this pill circulating Englad
Image by Park Life Festival, Twitter

The organization posted to their Twitter: “No doubt you have seen in the press about two very sad tragedies at a festival over the weekend.

There is a VERY strong batch of pills in circulation, with strength over 330mg. These tablets, along with others, can result in death. Please act responsibly & look after each other.”

festivals warn of this pill circulating Englad
Image by Love Saves The Day, Twitter

Another English festival called “Love Saves The Day” has also promoted the same image. Also stating “ALERT: Blue ‘Punisher’ pills (a skull logo in a superman shape) tested today at Love Saves The Day found to contain >300mg MDMA. This is 3-4 times a typical expected dose.”

Stay safe.