Man Saves His Dogs After Flipping Van And Winning A Machete Fight

A Chinese man turned into an action movie character after his three dogs had been stolen.
The pet owner noticed that his dogs were missing early in the morning. He looked at the video footage recorded by his home security system and learned that his dogs have been stolen.
He quickly notified police of the situation, but decided he should take matters into his own hands.

Dog chase down machete fight wield flipping van.
Image by AsiaWire

The unnamed man managed to chase down the thieves and flip their van, before defeating them in a machete battle.
A minute-long video clip depicts the entire scene.
After flipping the van of the fleeing thieves, the man exited his vehicle and sprinted at the van with a machete in hand.
He was met by an armed criminal who was ready for a fight.
Citizens in the area quickly called police. They detained and apprehended the thief, who is currently being detained by police for theft.
Exactly what the man plan to do with the dogs is unknown — but, it’s common for them to be sold for human consumption.