Man Finds Mutant Rat With A Plant Growing Out Of It [VIDEO]

Amazing footage has hit the web depicting a live rat with a plant growing out of it’s back.

It’s speculated that the seedling may have fallen into an open cut on the rat — allowing it to germinate. The rat was discovered on August 7th by an Indian farmer named Datar Singh. The man had planted the soya beans on his property earlier on in the year.

Neighbors of Datar filmed the unfortunate rat, which was believed to be in severe pain.

Image Credit: SWNS

The rat was clearly on it’s last legs and in it’s final days. It made no effort to run from the farmers and eventually collapsed towards the end of the video.

Incredibly, the seed managed to grow longer than the actual length of the rat itself.

Datar took the rat home, removed the plant, and set it free.