Ireland Has Repealed The Ban On Abortions

The abortion ban in Ireland has effectively been repealed. The vote tally – 66.4% in favor of overturning the ban.

The vote took place on Friday, resulting in nearly 2/3 landslide.

Percentage of votes for and against repealing abortion in Ireland
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And its current state, abortion is only permitted pool if a female’s life is in danger. If other atrocities such as rape, incest, or a fatal abnormality in the baby occur, abortion is not permitted.

Ireland 8th Amendment, which dictates equal rights to life for both baby and mother, is to be superseded.

Map of Ireland in Green, White, and Orange, their national colors
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Ireland’s prime minister has gone on record stating that a “quiet revolution” had occurred, and that it was “a historic day for Ireland”. He went on to say that: “trust and respect women to make their own decision and choices.”

Also adding that: “Tt’s also a day when we say no more. No more to doctors telling their patients there’s nothing can be done for them in their own country, no more lonely journeys across the Irish Sea, no more stigma as the veil of secrecy is lifted and no more isolation as the burden of shame is gone.”

Donegal was the only area of Ireland actively was against the overturning of the abortion ban.

While some are unhappy about the repealing of the 8th Amendment, majority vote has spoken. Ireland has taken a step towards progressiveness.