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Elderly Woman With a Cane Assaulted for Asking a Customer to Wear a Mask

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  1. I dont understand why people cant mind their own business like damn I see someone without a mask I’m not gonna say shit to them as long as I have mine on that’s all it matters

      1. Further to the above ^ you would be utterly warped if you think masks are in any way dehumanizing and tyrannical – especially since we have now established that anyone espousing beliefs that they induce hypoxia or in any way reduce blood oxygen levels are intellectually dishonest and not grounded in reality.

    1. No, that’s not all that matters. Your mask doesn’t protect you from some moron without a mask. You wear it to protect other people from you. Other people need to wear theirs to protect everyone else FROM THEM. THAT is what the masks are for. Some idiot refusing to wear a mask is putting *everyone* around them at risk whether the people around them have masks or not.

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