Coca-Cola Is Releasing It’s First Alcoholic Beverage Called “Lemon-Do”

Coca-Cola has officially released its first-ever alcoholic beverage. The drink is being called “Lemon-Do”.

Coca-Cola on its own is incredibly delicious — some might even say addictive. Due to its delectable sugar and caffeine content, and a not-to-be-named ingredient, customers have kept coming back for more since 1886. Add some feel-good inducing alcohol to that mixture, and people may never drink anything else again.

Coca Cola Cans in honor of the company releasing it's first ever alcoholic beverage
Image by elainemgs / Pixabay

Knowing that their beverage is one of the best mixers in existence, Coke decided it was time to enter the alcohol arena.

Daily Mail put out an article reporting that the new drink would be called “Lemon-Do”. Its flavor profile appears to be fizzy and lemon — and obviously containing alcohol. Coca-Cola appears to be targeting younger females as the purchasing audience.

Coca-Cola actually did try to create their own line in the 1970’s, but never actually went through with releasing it.

The bad news: The drink is only available at the moment in Japan.