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Strangers Shared Their Biggest Regrets–And They All Had One Heartbreaking Thing in Common


We all have some regrets in life. Those on their death beds also often talk about their biggest regrets in life. Not having made tons of money or not having worked longer do not, generally, figure in the biggest regrets that the dying have mentioned. Majority of the people regret never having pursued their dreams or never having found the time to be in touch with their near and dear ones.

Living without any regrets

Have you ever wondered how nice it would be if you could live without any regrets in life? Well, recently, A Plus and Strayer University’s Ideal Year Initiative jointly carried out an experiment in New York City. They put up a chalkboard on a city street and requested passersby to write down their biggest regrets on the chalkboard. The board stood there for a full day. People from different walks of life wrote down their regrets on the chalkboard. Some of the prominent ones were as follows:

  • Not following my artistic passions;
  • Not being a good husband;
  • Not pursuing acting;
  • Never going after my dreams;
  • Not pursuing my MBA;
  • Burning bridges;
  • Never applying to medical school;
  • Not being a better friend;
  • Not having kids before my father passed away.

The Big Message

As the board filled up, a deep analysis of the comments revealed that though they had been made by people from strikingly different backgrounds, they were very much similar in nature. They were largely about the chances that were not taken; about the words that were not spoken at the appropriate time and about the dreams that were never pursued.

Do it now!

An eraser was then given to the people to erase what was written on the chalkboard. And after cleaning the slate, people felt much relieved and lighter, as if they no more had any regrets in life!

The message was loud and clear that every day is just like a clean slate; do the things you would later regret not having done; it’s never too late to make it happen; this could well be your ideal year.

So, do it, now!