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This New Taylor Swift Song Has Everyone Laughing Because It Sounds So Familiar…


Taylor Swift may be the heartthrob of millions around the world, but even she is not impervious to being ridiculed and made fun of. The 27-year-old British Singer released a new single callde Look What You Made Me Do — and while it wasn’t a bad song, all us were scratching our heads. Where had we heard something like this before? I am sure many of us forgot about it but once you heard it, you would definitely question your memory.

Here is the song from the pop diva:

Yeah, so now that the song has taken root in the back of your head. What is it? The song is the first release from her new album Reputation and signals something entirely different from her side. It is mighty similar to the Bad Blood of Yore.

Now our toying with you is getting pretty obvious so here it is finally. The 90’s kids would definitely remember this song and the mashup is absolutely hilarious.

Here it is:

LOL! This is one of the funniest things I have hear this year. This mashup was made in heaven, don’t you think?

The Twitterati know how to make fun of things and massive appreciation for genius behind this mashup was witnessed.

Now Reputation from our gal Taylor Swift is expected to be release in November this year but it is safe to say that we will remember this mashup along with her hits for life. This is pure gold!
Emmy awards and global diva status don’t matter when people want to have some fun.