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The Internet Is Divided After Woman Violently Silences Racist In Hotel Lobby


After footage of a Florida resident Colleen Dagg fighting with another woman who threw a racist remark at her went viral, people are still divided if what she did was right. The video was shared on social media by someone named ‘Austin’, but later deleted the post after it went viral.

The video shows a woman a blue dress making racist remarks against Colleen and then trying to assault her physically. Colleen was seen keeping quiet for a bit, but then snapping and hitting her back. According to the person who posted the video, the lady in blue made racist remark about Haitians, but the Colleen did not stay quiet. She also lied to the police and said that it was Colleen who started it, but she did not realize that he had everything on video.

You can see the clip below.

“I told you I was the right one honey.”

For those who have asked, here’s the full video along with the original caption from Austin. He’s since taken it off his feed. —-“Ok so lady in the blue sundress said something super racist about how “you know these Haitians” and sis in the gray was not having it.”She then lied to the police and said the other girl started it, when everything was caught on video.”

Posted by Blue Telusma on Wednesday, 23 August 2017

While some called Colleen a hero for standing up against racism, others were not happy with the way she handled the situation. Colleen made a bold statement on her Instagram page. She said that the young country has been built on racism and it is better if people accept it so that everyone can leave in peace. She added that the woman in blue tried to use her white privilege on her, but she forgot that even she was white. She encouraged people to stand up for racism and say something even if the other person cannot handle the truth.

Colleen had the following to say on Instagram:

“This is a young country, built on racism. Black people have been disenfranchised for over 250 years. The faster white people accept and validate the truth, the closer we’ll come to a place of peace and understanding.

Fighting racism is dependent upon using my white privilege in the video. The woman in the blue dress tried to use her white privilege on me, the fact that I’m white too must have slipped her mind. If you see it, say something.

It’s really that simple. Disclaimer; some people can’t handle the truth. Stay ready.”

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Colleen’s Instagram page is flooded with support from people. Still, not everyone is happy, especially after the lady in blue told the police that she was three months pregnant during the fight. But, there is no way Colleen could have known that since she was the one encouraging her to fight.

One Insta follower said:

“I am so against violence but I love what you did, thank you!”

Another remarked:

“You give me hope that there’s good white American people out there. You are my #womancrusheveryday. Thank you and God bless you. I pray for people like you. You are a true testimony that he does answer prayers.”

Could Colleen have handled the situation better or was this the best way?