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This Game Of Thrones Theory About Jorah Is A Game-Changer




It seems like Game of Thrones is the only thing the internet is talking about after the stunning season premier last Sunday.

All social media outlets are on fire with new fan theories about the show.

If it’s already getting annoying, you better stay off the internet for a while, because we’re only one episode into the second-to-last season.


There are many new theories floating around, that are pretty unbelievable. But, if you’ve actually seen the past few shows, this one makes absolute sense.

You may have seen a piece Unilad wrote stating that Sam was going to cure Jorah’s little greyscale problem.

The images in the book Sam was looking at showed us that he’s trying to find the fix for greyscale. You also see that Jorah is hidden inside a dark cell, waiting for Sam to figure things out.

Reddit user redragebar goes into much greater detail as to what will happen when Sam cures Jorah.

Redragebar thinks that after being cured by Sam, Jorah will lead the march to Valyria to find the hidden power of Valyrian Steel.

Now that he is unaffected by greyscale, he will be able to easily defeat the Stone Men who ran rampant in destroyed old cities like Valyria.


You may be confused. What does that have to do with anything? Keep reading, because this is actually huge!

What aside from Dragonglass can kill the icy White Walkers? Only Valyrian Steel!

redragebar says:

“Sam leaves for the Ruins of Valyria to search for information about the creation Valyrian steel. He read about the Doom of Valyria and in the process finds the cure for Greyscale, a maester seems to have known something already via Shireen.

He meets Jorah, not quite fully consumed yet, and helps to cure him. Jorah, now immune to Greyscale, enters Valyria and finds the secret to Valyrian steel.”

What’s even crazier is that this Reddit fan was able to predict this BEFORE the season even started. Little did he know Jorah would begin to fulfill his predictions so quickly.


Jorah has a long history of staying alive and Game of Thrones absolutely loves killing off characters. This lends even more credence to the fact that that Jorah is very likely going to be a pivotal character in episodes to come.

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