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Father Reflects On The 10 Most Important Things He’s Learned Through His Child’s Untimely Death


It is said there is no pain stronger than the pain of losing a child. This dad lost his little buddy when the latter was only three years old due to brain hemorrhage. The ensuing time was very difficult for him and after one year, he collected his thoughts and posted about what he had learned in the aftermath of his boy’s death.

He listed ten of these important things he had learnt after the monumental loss in his life. The kid is survived by a younger brother who is two but the hole in the father’s heart will never be fulfilled.

Here are the ten things he learned in the aftermath of his son’s death:

❤️❤️The 10 Most Important Things I've Learnt Since Losing My Son 🙏

1. You can never ever kiss and love too much.

Posted by Richard Pringle on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

1You can never kiss or love too much. He had some amazing time with his son but still he regrets he didn’t do more.

2You can always have time for work later. Even if you can pause for a minute and play with your kid, do it. It is the most important thing in the world and your work can be paused.

3Try to capture everything you can in video or pictures. One day all these pictures will be the only thing that you have left of that time.

4Money matters more than time. Make it your mission not to just spend money but also your time wisely. We all have limited time on Earth so you must make it count. Play with your children, take them out to recreational parks, the beaches and up in the mountains. There is never enough stuff that you can do.

5Sing songs together in a group no matter how silly it might appear or what bad voice you might have. Memories are created best in groups and remember to record them!

6Learn to cherish simple things in life. Simple things like reading bedtime stories, having dinner together and lighting fireworks on Independence day. All of these things matter. These are the things he missed most.

7If you are leaving someone even for a little while, kiss or hug them goodbye. If you forgot to do that, go back and do it. Each moment could be your last so never make yourself regret anything.

8Try to make boring things fun. This is a difficult task but you need to have the energy to make it so. If you are waiting on a long queue and your children are tired and getting edgy, you need to engage them in fun stuff like mind games and little acts of love and compassion. Learn to do chores with fun. Life is too short to be miserable.

9Keep a diary or journal wherever you go. Document the small, amazing things that keep happening around you and cute little acts kids come up with every now and then. These written words are memories and just like with media, you can cherish them later on.

10Always count your blessings. If you have your family especially children safe and sound and you are having fun with them, you are a truly lucky person and a blessed one. Stay blessed.

These are some of the most emotional and enlightening things I have ever heard in my life. I hope you can take time and try to appreciate life.