This Is The Reason Why Olympians Always Bite Their Gold Medals For Photos

Ever noticed all those photos of Olympians biting down on their gold medals?

olympic bite (1)

Well, it isn’t exactly a new thing. Here’s the 1991 Great Britain track and field team chomping on their win.

olympic bite (2)

After the athletes are awarded, photographers always ask them to bite down on their gold necklaces.

olympic bite (3)


olympic bite (4)

Well historically, it’s a way to find out if gold is real or not.

olympic bite (5)

So when you bite down on a gold object, your teeth should leave a mark.

olympic bite (6)

Unfortunately, the Olympic medals this year aren’t entirely made of gold.

olympic bite (7)

In fact, they haven’t been made of solid gold since 1912.

olympic bite (8)

This year, they’re only about 1.2% gold.

olympic bite (9)

The biting thing’s a pretty weird tradition, so some athletes kiss their medals instead.

olympic bite (10)

If you were an Olympic gold medalist, would you rather bite your medal or kiss it?

olympic bite (11)