Is The New C-String Underwear Super Hot Or Just Weird?

The G-string has turned into the new granny underwear, particularly after you look at the new C-string which accompanies zero straps and sticks to a lady’s privates like the jaws of life. What remains unanswered, is it hot or just excessively odd. For hell’s sake, it may be a tiny bit of both.


More mainstream in European nations, the response to “how little can we be can we get away with wearing” is presently picking up speed in the states and, well, we’re simply not certain how we should feel about it it. Without a doubt, the front view is entirely luring, however once you see the back, we are left with such a large number of inquiries.


One would expect a proprietor of the C-string would have the capacity to wash the device (it’s obviously no longer just clothing. It’s a damn device) however we think it may work better as a spot to hold your mail. In all honesty, it just looks uncomfortable in light of the fact that it’s a bit of plastic wrapped in fabric so it grasps the lady’s crotch and backside.


The real wonder here is if you like to be a with a lady that would lean toward this style of clothing over something a tiny bit more commonsense?