The Internet Is Convinced Ellen DeGeneres Is Racist After Tweet About Usain Bolt

In the aftermath of Usain Bolt’s huge gold medal win at the Olympics last Sunday, the web has had a field day creating memes, photoshops and jokes. Most of them center around this now famous image of Usain mid-run with a giant smile on his face.


Ellgen DeGeneres joined in on the antics by tweeting the following photo.

ellen-usain (1)

The social media post displayed the identical photo of Bolt, just with Ellen riding on him. Accompanying the photoshopped image, Ellen wrote “This is how I’m running errands from now on. #Rio2016”.

ellen-usain (2)

Despite this being an obvious, non-racial joke about how fast Usain is, the internet social justice warrior team went into a full, misunderstanding flurry.

ellen-usain (3)

ellen-usain (4)

Luckily there were at least a few people out there like Bryan.

ellen-usain (5)

After much pressure from the people of Twitter, Ellen issued this explanatory tweet — sans a real apology.

ellen-usain (6)

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